Theodore C. Tanner Jr.

Charleston, SC 29403
Phone: (843).860.8440


• Experience running NASDAQ multi-national engineering company as CTO

• Extensive Knowledge of Health Tech and Health Information Technology Industry

• Deep Knowledge of Theory and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

• Deep Knowledge of Semantic Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Algorithms

• Deep Knowledge of Distributed Ledger (BlockChain) and Distributed Computing Architectures

• Extensive Media Technology Experience With Real Time Audio, Graphics and Video Development

• Extensive Experience in Large Scale Software Development

• Extensive Experience with Agile Development and Continuous Integration for Cloud Environments

• Held Top Secret Clearance

keywords: python, blockchain, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, open source systems


CTO, Co-Founder PokitDok, Inc 3/2011 – PRESENT Co-Founder of a Health Platform As A Service (PaaS) corporation. The platform has over 700 3rd party enterprise companies ranging from payers, providers, pharmaceutical and precision medicine. The company has connectivity to over 93 percent of US covered lives (330M). Raised venture capital in the amount of 54M. Responsible for all aspects of the technical vision through to code base and production. The company has obtained 99.98 percent uptime since its founding. The PaaS allows API usage from provider search, CAQH Level IV Clearinghouse Services, Scheduling Interoperability for the top 55 EMRs, PCI compliant payment backbone, Price Transparency and Risk Payment Assessment models. The technology can be white labeled in an enterprise health environment to allow agile deployment for complex health systems. The entire system was evolved onto a distributed ledger. Technologies utilized: Hyperledger Sawtooth, Docker, Flask, Inginix, Supervird, Elastic Search, MongoDB and Angular. The offering also has a Web presence, iOS and Android offerings. Held a visible external speaking presence for the company and published several blogs associated with machine learning, HealthIT and blockchain.

Vice President Core Systems, Benefitfocus 2/10-3/2011 Responsible for creation of a semantic and predictive analytics “Benefits Operating System” that is Saas and Cloud Based. Responsible for Research, Developer Systems, Developer Services, Evangelism and Intellectual property, departments within Benefitfocus. Responsible for all aspects of research and development, developer systems, developer network, semantics and machine learning as well as distributed computing and service bus architectures. Responsible for creation of intellectual property strategy as well as refocusing the company on a more strategic software development process instead of a services product. Responsible for all line item and budgetary concerns within the respective department as well as working with C-Level staff in creating long term corporate goals that increased Revenue Per Employee 4x.

Chief Technical Officer – Co-Founder, BeliefNetworks, Inc., 9/07 – 2/2010 Own concept creation and design of a data fusion and knowledge discovery platform that performs cloud based semantic intelligence and predictive analytics with Hadoop/Map Reduction. All code, libraries and build environment created in house. Code base includes distributed crawler, harvesting engine, semantic intelligence engine, machine learning/ data mining libraries, semantic security and data visualization running under SOA. Responsible for all aspects of intellectual property management and strategy for the company as well as algorithms development , program management and milestones for the development department. The company specializes in semantic intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics for various industries. Company acquired by Benefitfocus (NASDAQ:BNFT)

Architectural Strategist, Technical Policy, Microsoft Corporation, 8/02-10/07 Analyze technical specifications from Microsoft Research and product teams. Map specifications to pending or possible worldwide legislative activities. Engage with various coalitions and Government institutions on Digital Rights Management, Cyber-security, Intelligence/Knowledge Discovery, Emergency Preparedness, IPv6, RFID, Identity Management, Trustworthy Computing, Collaborative Computing, Technical Protection Measures and Metadata. Represent MSFT at Congressional Hearings. Create technical positioning papers to aid in education of technical legislative activities. Debrief President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Council, Government Accountability Office, Department of Commerce, Library of Congress, Department of Homeland Security and Canadian Ministry on varied technical matters. Provide technical policy support for launch of the Zune platform.

Architect, A/V Platforms, Microsoft Corporation, 10/00 – 8/02 Drive technical specifications and designs for homogenous media processing, audio signal processing and connectivity designs within Microsoft. New architecture is utilized in Vista and Media Center. Duties included working cross functionally to create, educate and drive technical media specifications across various departments including digital media, core operating systems, wireless, and embedded departments. Further responsibilities included intellectual property management and specification designs and code reviews. Worked on digital rights, watermarking and fingerprinting solutions.

Vice President, Research and Development, MongoMusic, Inc., 4/00 – 9/00 Managed at team that owned concept creation and design of a massively parallel-distributed knowledge processing and blind content classification system utilized by a business-to-business music Internet architecture site. Responsible for all aspects of intellectual property management and strategy for the company as well as algorithms, program management and milestones for the research and development department. Participated in contract and acquisition negotiations. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) acquired MongoMusic, Inc for 75M in September, 2000 for creation of MSN Music.

Architect, CPU Software, Apple Computer Inc., 3/99 – 4/00 Built team with industry defining expertise from ground up. Managed a team of 15 persons and owned conceptualization, definition and creation of audio and signal processing architectures for hardware and software devices for OS9 and OSX. Worked closely with Open GL graphics team to align large scale operating system deployments. Aspects include scalar and vector 1-D signal processing libraries for the G4 Velocity Engine, custom Open GL libraries for graphics and audio integration, signal processing and synchronization of the iMac and iSub systems, spatial audio systems, driver models and cross functional technical deployment. Additional research included wavelets, acoustics and acoustic modeling, data reduction algorithms, numerical methods and 3D transforms. Worked with executive staff to create product roadmaps and strategies; consulted on licensing and acquisitions.

CTO, Spatializer Audio Laboratories, Inc., 3/96-3/99 Managed an international engineering team with locations in Japan, Taiwan, Ireland, Silicon Valley and Boston. The company was focused on consumer DVD as well as professional recording technologies. Company listed NASDAQ (SPAZ). Owned all aspects of advanced DSP research, development, and technical strategies within Spatializer Audio Labs. Direct licensing of developed algorithms to customers such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Apple, and C-Cube. Drove algorithm development for several areas of spatial and linear / non-linear signal processing methods. Managed all intellectual property and patent applications. Reduced budget by 1MM quarterly while increasing intellectual property code base.

Staff Engineer, Audio Group, National Semiconductor Corporation 6/95-3/96 Owned audio related DSP research and development. Evaluated and assessed tools and design methodologies for audio DSP development. Owned Reconfigurable/Dynamic Instruction (DFPGAs) set computing research for signal processing applications. Authored research papers and provided technical expertise for patent submissions.

Senior DSP Engineer, Crystal River Engineering, Inc., 6/94-6/95 CRE worked closely with Jaron Lanier’s VPL to create virtual environments. Owned development of professional digital audio/DSP department within CRE. Responsible for algorithm research and development within the areas of acoustics, spatialization and reverberance. Projects include the Protron plug-in for Digidesign Protools workstations and porting of A3D to the MediaVision MV301 processor. Worked on hacking the mattel data gloves and algorithms for data alignment on stereoscopic optics and transducers with respect to 3D graphics and audio.

DSP Engineer, Digidesign, Inc, 8/92-5/94 Owned research and development of DSP algorithms and processes. Projects included the concept and complete code design of Protools TDM Plugin system and accompanying DSP plug-ins. Responsible for Dverb (reverb with multiple spaces and parameters on one 56K), Modulated Delay and Dynamics (compression, gate, inverse expander). Performed initial due diligence and research for Digidesign Pitch Shifter. Responsible for concept and design of an AudioMedia II effects card. Reviewed DSP tools and architectures for future designs. digidesign IPO’d on NASDAQ then acquired by Avid (NASDAQ:AVID).


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UC Davis, Department of Applied Science, 2/99 - 4/01
Pursuant to a PhD. Digital Media and Applied Science Coursework included genetic algorithms, numerical analysis, neural networks, and 3D graphics. Dissertation research area in the real time calculation and optimizations of diffuse reflections for rendering accurate 3D audio scenes based on accurate 3D graphics engines. The research was focused on creating a mathematical unitary operator across samples, pixels and voxels.

Stanford University, UC Berkeley and Santa Clara University, 8/92 - 6/97 Non-matriculating coursework in digital signal processing, wavelets, and post graduate computer sciences.

University of Miami, M.S. Audio Engineering , 6/92 Thesis work involved perception of filter-bank criteria for sub-band coding techniques and implementation. Projects include utilization of Zola Technologies DSP Designer for synthesis of digital test signals for test reference CD and modeling of digital effect algorithms. Programming of adaptive and fixed filter algorithms. Concurrent software simulator for modeling of pipeline processor in Think C.

DeVry Institute of Technology, B.S. Electronics Engineering Technology, 10/86 Senior Projects: 8-bit PCM Fiber-Optic Transceiver System, Basic Interpreter/Compiler

Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, Recording Engineering, 8/82 Techniques on studio and live recording, mixing techniques, theory of sound and acoustics.



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